Speciality Fibres and Materials Ltd


SFM, based in Coventry in the UK is committed to the development and manufacture of fibres and fabrics and their application to healthcare requirements.

SFM are staffed by an expert team of over 50 employees, some of whom were involved in the alginate and x-ray detectable thread business for over thirty years. Over the last three decades, the SFM team has been responsible for the development and manufacture of some of the most successful advanced wound care products to be launched on to the market.

With world leading expertise and robust, arm’s length support from its parent, L&R, SFM continues to develop product concepts that will improve patient outcome and provide returns for its partners.


How can we help?

SFM offer a turn key solution for the development, manufacture and supply of fibrous wound care fabrics.

With an expert R&D team and world-leading pilot and full-production facilities, SFM are ideally placed as a new product development partner.

For further information on our products and services please contact us:


+44 (0)24 7670 8200