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Advanced Wound Care Products

As the original supplier of alginate wound dressing, SFM has extensive experience in the production and supply of advanced wound care materials.  SFM’s flexible approach allows the provision of fabric as rolls, non-sterile cut pieces or sterile, packaged and labelled final product.

Our substrate fabrics can be modified and produced in a variety forms to suit the target application.  Materials can be provided at a variety of base weights and with varying levels of needling.

SFM can also provide assistance on managing regulatory pathways.  Support can vary from providing access to SFM’s 510 (k) clearance for calcium alginate with silver dressings to assisting in the provision of data for customers own filings.

Finally, close cooperation with our logistics partners means that distribution approaches can be tailored dependent on customers’ requirements.




Highly absorbent and gelling calcium alginate fibres are manufactured from sodium alginate extracted from seaweed. Calcium alginate wound dressings are used worldwide where the principle of a moist wound environment encourages more effective healing. We have developed a range of products based on alginate fibre.

Key advantages of alginate fibre include:

  • Meets toxicological standards for medical devices ISO 10993
  • Manufactured in accordance with ISO 13485
  • Gels on contact with sodium ions
  • Capable of undergoing ion exchange with other metal ions

Clinical experience has shown that alginates possess a combination of characteristics which makes them ideal for use as dressings on many types of wet wounds. By combining fluid absorption with gel formation, dressings keep the wound moist but not macerated. This creates the ideal environment in which to promote healing and reduce pain.

Calcium Alginate with Silver

Calcium Alginate with Silver

Silver is widely used in medical applications for its antibacterial properties.  The antibacterial action is directly derived from the ionized form of silver, Ag+. The bonding properties of this ion allows effective suffocation of bacteria. Ag+ preferentially forms covalent bonds with molecules containing sulphur, nitrogen, and oxygen thus rendered them unusable by the bacteria.

SFM are able to offer a fabric with identical physical properties to the standard calcium alginate material with additional antibacterial properties derived from the incorporation of 1.5% ionic silver content.  This material provides 3 day bactericidal action on a 4 log reduction against pseudomonas aeruginosa and staphylococcus aureus.

As per the standard calcium alginate material, fabric can be provided in either roll form or as either non-sterile or packaged, labelled and sterilised topical or cavity dressings.  SFM are the ideal partner for marketing this material in the US via use of its 510 (k) clearance.  Also in Europe, access can be provided to CE marked material.

Ecologically considerate

Ecologically considerate

As alginate dressings are directly derived from an abundant naturally occurring resource, they are highly biodegradable. Additionally, SFM takes great care in its manufacturing processes to eliminate the use of volatile organic solvents. Where the incorporation of antibacterial agents is necessary, SFM recovers and recycles such materials.

How can we help?

SFM offer a turn key solution for the development, manufacture and supply of fibrous wound care fabrics.

With an expert R&D team and world-leading pilot and full-production facilities, SFM are ideally placed as a new product development partner.

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