SFM is a leading supplier of substrates and products to the advanced wound care market.  SFM offers a range of products and services to enhance product portfolios and patient's lives.

  • A Working Partnership With SFM

    Speciality Fibres and Materials is committed to the development and manufacture of fibres and their application to customised solutions.

  • How Can We Help You?

    During the past twenty years we have helped several leading companies launch new, highly successful fibrous products in the healthcare market. Fibres, and fibre related materials, offer opportunities for the creation of many unique products and benefits.

  • Wound Care Pioneers

    SFM has grown out of the team that originally manufactured alginate wound dressings. Building on this unique heritage, the company has developed great expertise in manipulating and combining fibres and can claim responsibility for the development of some of the most successful advanced wound care products on the market today.

  • Harnessing Nature's Absorbency

    Highly absorbent and gelling calcium alginate fibres are manufactured from sodium alginate extracted from seaweed.

  • Strength & Flexibility You Can See

    Micropake® is an X-ray detectable yarn that meets European Standards for radiopacity, combined with the unique ability to be woven into surgical gauze which requires a thread to be more flexible.

  • Fibres Research - Wet Spinning

    Speciality Fibres and Materials Ltd has particular expertise in water-based spinning systems and the production of fibres from polysaccharides, such as alginate.


Like to know more?

Our products have made a significant impact on our customers' businesses in a variety of industries worldwide. Our unique and patented gel forming fibres played a major role in revolutionising woundcare.

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